Doner Kebab

Fresh lamb, specially seasoned and grilled on an upright spit and then carved

Lamb Shish Kebab

Fresh Fillet of diced lamb, marinated and barbecued on a flame grill

Kofte Kebab

Minced Lamb, Marinated and Barbecued on a flame grill

Chicken Kebab

Specially cut pure chicken breast marinated and barbecued flame grill

Doner Meat and Chips

Shaslik Kebab

Lamb Shish and Vegetarian Kebab

Doner Roll

Iskender Kebab

Doner Meat with Garlic yoghurt and Special Sauce

Vegetarian Kebab

Selection of grilled vegetables

Chefs Mix

A combination of chicken shish, lamb shish and slices of doner kebab served in pitta bread with salad

Mix kebab

A combination of chicken shish, kofte kebab and slices of doner kebabserved in pitta bread with salad

Sandy Mix Kebab (Serves 2 People)

A Combination of Chicken Shish, Lamb Shish & Kofte Kebab, 4 pcs Chicken Wings, 1 Skewer Veg with Slices of Doner Kebab served with Salad, 2 Pitta Bread, Rice & Pot of Sauce

Box of Doner Meat

Separate Salad

Separate Sauce